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Space School UK: All good things come to an end

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Sleeping in Light

(That title has no relevance to this, except it's the name of the last Babylon 5 episode. It's relevant to me).

The last day, Friday, passed pretty quickly for me. I can't remember much at all of the first three lectures, Earth Observation, Space Hazards and Space Biology. Most of the time during them was spent swapping email addresses (so far, this hasn't done much because apparently most of the email addresses don't work).

The end comes so quickly. There was a nice ending ceremony where we applauded all the various Space School supremoes, including Sabah, who got a roaring ovation. Lunch was something of a subdued affair (in that I can't remember any of it).

And, so quickly, that was the end. I got on the coach, and as sods law had it, got a nosebleed which lasted for a fair bit. I remember asking the ticket person,

'Cad I had a dicket do Yoosden Skware?'

while clutching a tissue to my nose. I think this fairly alarmed most people on the underground train I was on, since it was coupled with the cut I had under my eye (which, kindly enough, no-one at Space School had remarked upon. I got it playing football, by the way).

Not much left now. I managed to meet up with someone who was on Space School going back on the same train as me to Liverpool, so we were able to commiserate each other with the fact that Virgin Trains were a complete shambles if they couldn't get the air conditioning on their trains to work in the middle of summer. They did give us a free drink, which made it all better. Of course.

I am told reliably by this person that it is certainly worth coming back on the returner's course. This is taken into account in the 'Critical Conclusion.'

I finally get back home, and turn on the computer to find 400 emails waiting for me. Great.

And that's all, folks, apart from the Critical Conclusion. Want more of the same? Well, I'll be writing up a full review of the Space School Cornwall Eclipse Trip, only in more detail since I'll be taking a notebook along with me (let that be a warning to those who are going on it, mwa-ha-ha-ha).


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