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Peter F Hamilton


The Reality Dysfunction

Peter F Hamiton is one of the UK's elite science fiction writers, having become well known through his Greg Mandel SF detective novels, and more recently for his Night's Dawn space opera, which has won numerous plaudits from the media and fellow SF writers.

Perhaps a quote from the Daily Telegraph about the Night's Dawn trilogy sums it up best:

"Eloquent and ingenious... A host of believeable characters deploy amid rich descriptions of worlds and living starships... It all hangs together compulsively.'


The Neutronium Alchemist


The Naked God


A Second Chance at Eden


Greg Egan



Greg Egan - best known for his, well, different style of writing. Generally, each of his books can be relied upon to contain something to do with advanced molecular biology and genetics, or humans downloading their minds into computers. Or both.

Anyway, as you might imagine, it makes pretty good reading. He's written a great deal of short stories, many of which have won Hugo and Nebula awards, and some can even be found online at Infinity Plus




Permutation City


A Second Chance at Eden