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I haven't had much time to write this section, so below is a brief summary of the sites which I visit.


Visited every day, without fail

Slashdot The premier site on the web for twenty-four hour technical news about developments in the computer industry, space, nanotech and useless trivia. Oh, and Linux. My IE5 homepage.
Daily Radar News A daily updated site for all your videogaming needs.
ZDnet UK News All computer happenings of note (and more) appear here.
Memepool The weblog of choice. All sorts of guff gets put here.
Camworld A more personal weblog than Memepool, Camworld often has interesting web-designer info. A weblog of weblogs, if you will. It's pretty much the same as Linkwatcher (below) but I prefer this site's simple nature. It also helps me keep an eye on which sites are linking to me (and more importantly, what they're saying about me).

Visited most days

Trektoday My easily accessible Star Trek fix.
Coming Attractions My easily accessible TV/movie news fix.
Aint it cool news My not-so-easily accessible TV/movie fix, but there's the occassional gem.
Linkwatcher I feel I have a moral obligation to link to this site, since I'm hoping to get some traffic from it. It's not a bad site, although it's a little too stark and spartan for my tastes - absolutely no content, just links. Yes, I know it's supposed to have no content, but still...

Good sites, but visited infrequently

Jim Wright's Delta Blues Jim writes extensive Star Trek Voyager reviews. The series itself isn't stellar, but his reviews are almost always more enjoyable to read than watching the episodes themselves.
Infinity Plus Love good science-fiction? Have no money? Join the club. Infinity-Plus is the number one website for free quality science-fiction by top notch authors such as Stephen Baxter, Peter F Hamilton and Terry Bisson. The only reason I don't visit every day is because I've read most of the stuff there now. However, you can expect a new story about every week, along with book reviews. Loads more 'free' short SF stories - by free, I mean that if you don't pay to read the endings, you have to endure the horror of banner adverts for every 300 (or so) words you read. It's well worth the pain.
The Onion So what if everyone says this wildly funny satirical newspaper is getting worse? Just go and read the damn archives then! Some of the stuff here is great.
SF Site Plenty of science fiction stuff of all sorts here. Not updated very often, I'll grant you that, but if you've got nothing else to do, well, you might as well come here.

Excellent 'one-off' sites

The Tiltboys This is possibly one of the funniest websites I've ever had the fortune to come across. These guys' Poker reports are absolutely hilarious. Try starting out on 'Six Sigmas out in Las Vegas'. Top quality.
The Official Rock Paper Scissors strategy guide Yes, you did read that correctly. Some of the stuff on this site is LOL inducing. Go here if you want a quick laugh.
Internet Oracle

Delivers original and highly amusing words of wisdom to my computer about every week. Original, in that most answers come in the form of Gilbert and Sullivan parodies, Text Adventure dialogues, Raymond Chandler-esque stories or web adverts.

OK, not most answers, but a fair number. But they're all very funny.

The only reason I don't visit this site more often is because I subscribe to the mailing list. Ah...


Chris Lynas has created some stunning CGI images based around Iain Banks' Culture universe - great stuff.


Miscellaneous sites which are worth a visit

Brin-L links page

A whole load of good quality content can be accessed from this site. Check out the Brin-L MUD site at 2102. I can be found there most evenings (GMT).

William T Goodall's website

Has some pretty good film reviews. Worth a visit. I wouldn't say that the Fifth Element was the best film I've seen, although it isn't bad. (Evan Vetere) Can you say 'functional'? That's There's some good content buried in there, somewhere.



Sites to be added


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